Unit Trust

The Constellation Protected Growth Prescient Fund (CPGPF) 

The Fund focusses on providing investors with capital growth and real returns over the medium to long term, while minimising the risk of short-term capital loss by investing in a diversified portfolio of structured deposits. The Fund is managed in compliance with Regulation 28.

Suitable for Investors with a low to moderate risk profile:

  • Seeking a low-risk multi-asset fund
  • Seeking capital preservation
  • Wishing to protect their investment from inflation erosion
  • Who have a medium to long-term investment horizon

Target return:

  • CPI+4%

The fund achieves its objectives by:

  • Systematically investing in a portfolio of structured deposits providing capital protection and equity exposure
  • Asset allocation
  • Cash
  • Money Market
  • Equities

Investment minimum:

  • Lump sum: R10, 000

Counterparty Exposure:

  • South Africa’s top 5 banking counterparties

ASISA category:

  • South African – Multi Asset – Low Equity

Income Distribution:

  • Annually on 31 March

Segregated Mandates and Structured Products

With our innovative thinking, product knowledge, networks and independence we are able to create a tailor-made solution for each investor

These solutions will be structured to fit in with the investors’ risk and return requirements and regulatory restrictions

A minimum investment amount of R25mln is required to open a segregated mandate

Constellation Positive Growth Investment Composite.

Investor needs: 

Suitable for investors with a low to moderate risk profile:

  • Seeking a low risk multi-asset fund
  • Seeking capital preservation
  • Wishing to protect their investment from inflation erosion
  • Who have a medium to long-term investment horizon

Target return:

  • CPI+4% – 8%

The fund achieves its objectives by:

Investing in tailor-made structured deposits / products specifically created for each client with the following features set out in the client mandate:

  • Investment term
  • South Africa’s top 5 banking counterparties
  • Local or offshore equity exposure
  • Currency exposure
  • Capital preservation levels
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Systematic management


  • Cash
  • Equities

Investment minimum:

  • Lump sum: R25, 000, 000

Bespoke OTC Derivative Platform

Diversify risk, enhance return, and create liquidity

CONSTELLATION, in conjunction with FLATCROWN CAPITAL, have created a fully operational Over the Counter “OTC” derivative platform. This platform is designed for investors seeking to diversify the risk and enhance the returns of portfolios that have significant single stock exposure. The platform does not require cash margining but will use your stock as collateral for the trade.

The platform is for investors seeking:

  • Protection for a portfolio with significant exposure to single stocks
  • Protection for a portfolio without requiring cash for margin
  • Access to the best derivative prices
  • Execution ready with top local & international banks with pre-negotiated trading lines
  • Personal service in strategy design, implementation, life cycle and maturity management
  • A low-cost solution
  • Development of personalised strategies considering investor specific credit, market, dividend, and tax status requirements

Derivative Strategies for Risk Mitigation or Return Enhancement

Bespoke Advice and Solutions

At Constellation, there is an emphasis on genuine value-add. Every day, we research and conceptualize practically implementable ideas and solutions that can either mitigate investment risks or enhance investment returns in the portfolios of our clients.
These ideas emanate from a continual assessment of asset price movements and of implied volatility levels across the various markets and asset classes that our clients may be invested in.

As well as day-to-day trade idea generation, Constellation also conducts bespoke research projects on behalf of our clients on request. This enables us to maximize value creation through candid discussions of our clients’ fundamental views, strength of conviction and risk appetites. Such discussions are only possible within deep relationships of trust that we have had with our clients for decades.

Best-Price Discovery

Finding the best price for our clients is a key dimension of value-add by Constellation. The network of our traders and our brand credibility is entrenched across the markets. Since inception, Constellation has executed over a trillion Rand of transactions across the various instrument sets and markets. The sheer volume of the trades that we see ensures that we can secure the best price for any instrument in the shortest time, always protecting the identity of our clients and negotiating on their behalf.

Seamless Execution

The traders at Constellation have extensive experience in trading proprietary risk books for various investment banks and have advised the asset management industry for decades on the use of derivative instruments. So, we are uniquely positioned to understand both sides of every trade, no matter how intricate or complicated it may be. From that point of departure, we ensure that transactions are executed seamlessly, and that market impact is minimized.

Trade Monitoring & Enhancements

Constellation maintains full records of all transactions executed for clients and provides regular tailor-made post-trade evaluation reports on these transactions as required. Our research and assessment of these trades against a background of the passage of time and market movements allows us to recommend opportunities for our clients to take profits and unwind transactions or parts thereof.

Equity Finance

Suitable for investors seeking:

  • Experience and expertise across all aspects of equity derivatives (tax, legal, regulatory, JSE, credit and market risk)
  • Best in class regulated independent multi-disciplinary equity derivative structuring, pricing execution, lifecycle and unwind services
  • An established market player with extensive network of relationships with local and international banks

We provide:

  • The ability to raise liquidity / loans against the single stock and hedge
  • Access to finance at optimal interest rates (fixed / prime linked)
  • The development of personalised strategies considering investor specific credit, market, dividend, and tax status / requirements
  • Management of legal, regulatory, tax, dividend, credit, and market risk
  • Preference share and company share scheme structuring
  • Assistance to directors and BEE shareholders with JSE SENS announcements