Constellation Positive Growth Investment

Investor needs:

Suitable for Investors with a low to moderate risk profile:

  • Seeking a low risk multi-asset fund
  • Seeking capital preservation
  • Wishing to protect their investment from inflation erosion
  • Who have a medium to long-term investment horizon

Target return:

  • CPI+4% – 8%

The fund achieves its objectives by:

Investing in tailor-made structured deposits / products specifically created for each client with the following features set out in the client mandate:

  • Investment Term
  • South Africa’s top 5 banking counterparties
  • Local or Offshore equity exposure
  • Currency exposure
  • Capital preservation levels
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Systematic management

Asset allocation

  • Cash
  • Equities

Investment minimum:

  • Lump sum: R10, 000, 000